Friday, January 15, 2016

Maghe Sankranti Special


First of all, I would like to wish everyone - Happy Maghe Sankranti!!

Maghe Sankranti is one of the festivals in Nepal where it is celebrated the first day on the month of Magh according to the Nepali Calendar. During this day, I remember, my mom used to prepare all the goodies as pictured below and many more early on in the morning. As we got ready in the morning, she would then pour little oil on her hand and apply them in our head. This signifies that we have good health in coming years. In return, we would get her blessings.

Also, I remember this day as "Ghui-Chaku Khane Din", meaning, it is a day when we specially get to eat Ghee and Chaku (Solid Molasses) in our meal. One of the fond memories I have - when I was a kid, I used to spend some of my winter vacation in my Grandma's house in Bhaktapur. And, when it was time for lunch, my Grandma would hand me my plate with rice and curry and "ghui-chaku". We would then climb up the stairs to sit in the balcony and eat while still sitting in the sun. It was a wonderful moment!

Maghe Sankranti Special

The above picture shows Chaku (Solid Molasses) topped with Ghee on your bottom-left corner, roasted ginger-garlic in the middle, "teel ko ladoo" black sesame seed ladoos on your bottom-right corner and sweet potatoes and taro roots. Sweet potatoes and Taro Roots are boiled. As for sesame seed ladoos, it is fairly easy so didn't think you would need a recipe for this. Fairly simple - all you need is liquid molasses and roasted black sesame seeds. Heat the molasses and add the sesame seeds. With little oil on your palm, you make small rounds. I hope this helps and hope you can enjoy this special day!

Below is the picture of Maghe Sankranti Lunch Special enjoyed by my family members.

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