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Jhol Momo


Momo aka meat/veg dumplings - who doesn't love it? I guess everyone does. Everyone has their own way of making this delicious dish. After few trial and errors, me and my sister-in-law came up with this recipe and would love to share it with you so you can enjoy the same way we did. During my recent trip to Nepal, I got a chance to taste this delicious dish in one of the restaurants, and instantly I fell in love with it. Below is the recipe which shows the recipe for this dish and hope you will enjoy it!

Makes about 4-5 servings

Jhol Momo

Ingredients Needed

  • Ground Turkey - 1.3 lbs
  • Medium Yellow Onion - 1
  • Chopped Cilantro - 1/2 cup
  • Chopped Ginger - 1 tbsp
  • Ghee / Liquified butter - 1 tbsp
  • Salt and Cumin powder to taste

  • Maida / All Purpose Flour - 2 cups
  • Pinch of salt
  • Vegetable Oil - 2 tsp
  • Water as needed
  • Tomatoes - 1 (cut into halves)
  • Soybean seeds - 1/3 cup (can use yellow or black ones)
  • Brown Sesame seeds - 1 tbsp
  • Chopped Cilantro - 1/2 cup
  • Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tsp
  • Dried Red Chili - 1
  • Vegetable Oil - 1 tsp
  • Salt and lemon to taste
  • Jal Jeera - 1 tsp
  • Water as needed

Steps to follow


In a bowl, add the ground Turkey.
Ground Turkey
Chop the onions and cilantro so the food processor can chop it well.
Onion and Cilantro
Chopped Onions
Chopped Cilantro
Add the chopped onions, cilantro and ginger (chopped or not) in the food processor.
Add the chopped onions, cilantro and ginger in the food processor
Add the mixture from the food processor on top of the ground turkey.
Add the onion paste on top of ground turkey
Add salt and cumin powder to taste.
Add salt and cumin powder to taste
Add Ghee to the mixture.
Add Ghee to the mixture
Mix well. Meat stuffing is now ready. Keep aside.
Meat stuffing is ready to be used


In a stand mixer, add Maida/All Purpose Flour, salt, vegetable oil and water to make a dough. Make sure the dough is not sticky to your hands. It should be firm as shown below. Set aside.

To prepare the sauce, if you do not have ground soybean, you would want to heat a non-stick skillet on a medium heat. Add soybean seeds. Stir until it turns golden brown. You may want to cook for 2 minutes. When cooked, remove from the heat and set aside.
Heat Soybean Seeds
Cooked Soybean Seeds
In the same skillet, heat the Brown Sesame seeds too. Remove from heat when it stops popping. You would want to perform this step if you do not have ground Sesame.
Heat Brown Sesame Seeds onto the skillet
Remove from heat when the popping stops
Mixture of cooked Soybean and Brown Sesame seeds
In the same skillet on a medium heat, add Garlic Ginger paste, tomatoes halves and red chili along with Vegetable oil.
Cook tomatoes for Momo sauce
Cover with a lid. Heat until tomatoes are cooked. Remove from the heat.
Cover with a lid

Using a grinder, grind Soybean and Brown Sesame seeds. Add cooked tomatoes and red chili into the mixture. Add salt and lemon to taste along with cilantro. Add Jal Jeera to the mixture as well. Then, add water as needed. For this particular momo, we needed a liquid-like consistency so we added quite a lot of water to the mixture. Also, make sure you have salt and lemon as per your taste while you add water. The sauce is now ready. Set aside.
Momo Sauce


For this particular momos, we have used flour to wrap the stuffing. It tastes better than the frozen wrappers that you get in the supermarkets. If you are willing to get that authentic taste, I recommend you use the flour.

Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough.
Flatten the dough
I used a Pasta Roller attachment to roll the dough. You do not want to make it too thin or too thick. I used number "3" in the attachment which was perfect for these Momos. If you are manually rolling it, you may want to check the picture for how much thin you would need the dough to be in the following picture as shown below.
Roll the dough
Lay the rolled out dough onto the wooden block or any clean surface. I used a 1-cup steel cup to cut into round shapes as shown below.
Cut the rolled out dough in round shapes
Flour wrappers
Take each dough wrapper - add a teaspoon full of minced turkey mixture.
Add a teaspoon full of minced Turkey mixture
Close the stuffing with the wrapper. You may find other helpful websites where it teaches you how to make momos.
Close the wrapper
Uncooked Momo is ready to steam.
Uncooked Momo
TIP: In order to save time, it is best to boil water in a steamer on a medium heat while you are making those uncooked momos.

Place the uncooked Momos in a steamer.
Uncooked Momos in a steamer
When the water boils, add the uncooked Momos on top of it and cook for 15 minutes.
Cooked Momos
Momo is now ready to be served with the yummy sauce.
Turkey Momos
Momo with sauce on it
Enjoy this quick and easy recipe with your family and friends. I am sure you will love it!

Special Thanks to my sister-in-law and my husband!

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  1. Yummy! Wud def try ur recipe of jhol momo. Sauce looks great. Jal jeera hmm interesting, hope its avl there if not its in my shopping list for here now �� Thanks!