Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bhantaa (Eggplant) ko Chokhaa (COMING SOON!)


Stay tuned and will be posting the recipe for "Bhantaa ko Chokhaa" soon, which is made up of eggplants with some spices on it. "Bhantaa" is also known as "Baiá¹…gana" in Hindi. While I was a kid, I was never fond of eggplants - especially eggplant curry. The texture and all did not invite me at all. As I grew up, I started to like Rotis (flat bread made up of whole wheat flour) and of course this recipe goes well with it, along with Spinach stir-fry, which is one of the best thing I would like to have almost everyday. While that is on the way, for now, you can check out other recipes found in this blog. Enjoy!

Bhantaa ko Chokhaa

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