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I always had fun eating jeri and swari - I guess it is one of the snacks that I really like to have anytime of the day. As a kid, when me and my best friend used to go for a walk early in the morning, we would stop by this restaurant by the temple where they used to sell jeri and swari. We bought them on our way back home. Now, you can imagine, we used to load calories to what we just burnt. Great memories down the lane! However, this time, I can tell you how you can make swari. Please see below.

Makes about 27 - 28 swaris depending upon the size of the small dough you roll out.

Ingredients Needed

  • All purpose Flour - 2 cups
  • Milk - 1 cup
  • Ghee/Vegetable Oil for Deep Frying

Steps to follow

Mix All Purpose Flour and milk in a bowl.

Cover with a plastic wrap or a lid and place it in a refrigerator for 2 hours.

Heat Ghee/Vegetable oil in a wok for deep frying. Medium heat is preferable.

Make small balls of the dough and roll out to a size of medium tortilla. If it is sticky to roll out the dough, you can sprinkle dry All Purpose flour to the rolling pin as well as the dough.

Slide the uncooked swari in the wok.

Turn the other way.

Now, remove the cooked swari from the oil and let is stand in the paper towel so it absorbs excess oil. Make sure you do not want to cook swari for a long time otherwise it will turn crunchy.

Swari is ready to be served.

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